Affordable Fridge Hire for Camping, Parties & Events

Gold Coast, South Brisbane & Byron Bay

Don’t waste money buying ice to end up with soggy, rotting food sitting in a pool of water in the bottom of your esky…

Camp the smart way with affordable camping fridge hire – and make worrying about your food the last thing on your mind!

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Up-level your camping experience: hire a fridge!


Gone are the days of living out of an esky… when staying in a powered camp site, book your affordable fridge hire and upgrade your whole experience.

No more soggy, sad food sitting in water
No more waste from rotten / spoiled food
No more lugging huge eskies to & from camp
No more trips to the shop for new ice every day

From just $12/day you can enjoy:

More room to store food = less trips to the shop
Buying in bulk = cheaper unit price
Saving money & hassle of constantly buying ice
Spend less time doing small daily grocery shops
Food stays FRESHER for LONGER
Delivered to your site, and collected after you leave!

Check availability and book instantly online!


We’ve Got You Covered

Quality Westinghouse appliances
Fully tested & tagged for safety
Regularly deep cleaned and serviced
 Available for pickup or delivery to your site


“I won't go camping without a fridge now. It makes the whole trip so much easier and less stressful knowing all our food is being kept cold, safe (from animals) and I can store way more than I used to in our esky. It's a no brainer!”

— Sascha, Gold Coast